Optimizing Power Consumption

If you are looking to reduce a specific energy system power consumption, there are 3 ways:
• Modernization of equipment and materials that make up an energy system;
• To improve / enhance a production process;
• Perform both actions.
The reduction of energy consumption can be achieved with measures such as:
• Use of recycling techniques, rainwater harvesting, self-production researches, installation of end reducers;
• Lighting replacement with more efficient equipments (efficient light bulbs, luminaires with better reflectance, electronic reactors, occupancy sensors, timers, etc.);
• Use of automated systems, enabling greater productivity, process optimization, by communication between devices, greater accuracy in the data and controls, quality increase;
• Use of natural lighting and / or artificial lighting only within the standard requirements;
• Adequacy of electrical quantities such as harmonics and power factor to the operation features;
• Replace energy source such as electricity by solar power in case of water heaters,
• Reuse of energy dissipation input, such as the use of extracted heat energy in heating process air as a feedstock for preheating water, etc.
The adoption of such measures, besides bringing direct benefits to the user (eg reduced costs, improved competitiveness, increased productivity), provides indirect benefits such as improved quality of products and services, cost reduction in maintenance, increase the useful life of the replaced systems.
It is also beneficial for society as it contributes to sustainable development (using less natural resources and reducing greenhouse gases).