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Main Objectives

. Inter relationship between ESCOs, industry agents and the target market;
. Action and representation before Governmental or private Entities;
. Build a proactive mechanism for claims and articulations in search of public policy adaptations that benefit the ESCOs, regardless of their business size;
. Facilitate access for anyone to partnerships established between the Association and Government or not Entities, in many actions such as: financing lines (PROESCO), business opportunities; training, improvements, etc.

The Benefits to be an Associate


Business Opportunities – ON

Our Association has a client acquisition service for our members, this occurs through a process called Business Opportunity (ON).

When a potential customer contacts Abesco seeking for an energy efficiency project indication , Abesco becomesthe interface between he and all associates, getting the customer’s discretion the selection of the ESCO that best meets their needs.

– Participation in Events and Courses

Abesco supports events related to the area and of ESCOs’ interest, making its disclosure. Thus its Members get a discount in the event. In events promoted by Abesco this benefit is extended, even being free.

– Assemblies

Ordinary Assemblies are performed twice a year , one in each half, and the topics discussed are such as: financial situation, investment plans, new contracts or projects, master strategy of the Association’s activities.

– Visibility

The Association’s website is a vehicle that promotes the visibility of our Associates.
Abesco always creates ways to spread the concept of energy efficiency and cases of its Associates. Such as: Newsletter, Congress and Workshops.

As Equipment Supplier, Products and Services:

Open channel for presenting their products and services to both ESCOs and customers.
Abesco acts as a facilitator between the suppliers, ESCOs and the target market, developing possible partnershipswith the exchange of technical knowledge, dissemination of cases and trading actions.

Assists in obtaining specific funding lines for ESCOs (PROESCO) and those which involves the purchase of equipments.

As Agent for the Electricity Sector:

Facilitate the development of partnerships between ESCOs and utilities in energy efficiency projects.

Dissemination of energy efficiency actions.

Inter relationship.

As Academic organization:

Exchange and dissemination of new knowledge.

Dissemination of specialized courses in energy efficiency.

Partnerships in training events.

For ESCO Category

In the archives at the end of the page, download and fill out the ESCO Qualification Program and send to ABESCO.

More information, questions, costs, please contact us!

Download the files below, fill out and send to ABESCO (to Alene Vernalha care – to apply to be an Associate.


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