Master Plan

Objective: To allow ESCOs to continue developing job opportunities and their business from premises and actions which are detailed below.

1- Institutional and AssociativeAspects

Maintain narrow relations policy with other state and non-state agencies and organizations related to Energy Efficiency as Procel, Fiesp, CNI, Eletrobrás, Aneel; EMA / MMA; Petrobras; Utilities Companies; Federations / Unions and Associations; Universities and Research Centers. Abracel, Abrava; Abinee; Abrinstal; Sinaenco; Secovi; Universities and other; aiming at the growth of the Energy Efficiency Industry, articulating and defending the interests of ESCOs;

Develop and expand COBEE – Brazilian Efficiency Energy Congress, as a business opportunity for ESCOs, emphasizing business cases and disseminating the work of ESCOs in the presentations. Make it a national benchmark in the market Including aspects of renewable energy and water use;

Actively participate in many forums of qualified discussion of issues related to Energy Efficiency in Brazil and abroad, if there is sponsorship;

Fight against informality and unfair competition, educating the market and
potential customers business associations about the advantages of
hiring an “ABESCO company”;

Keep the site updated and an adequate Newsletter.

2- Search of business opportunities for ESCOs
Develop an Energy Efficiency dissemination program, in partnership with
Unions and Associations whose members are heavily dependent on
energy with the potential objective of identify possible projects.

Improve the Business Opportunities methodology and its follow up;

Approach to Utilities and PEE _ Efficiency Energy Program, working to develop better opportunities to the program. Seek ways to avoid the political use of the PEE;

Support suitable actionsfrom the Performance Contract to the 8.666 law and / or enable EE Contracts in Public Buildings, whether through auction, bids or any other instrument legally constituted;

Approach to equipment and products manufacturers, fostering their
association to ABESCO; Holding meetings and lectures between ESCOs and
manufacturers in breakfasts and other opportunities;

Similarly, fostering approach between ESCOs, enabling the exchange of services and knowledge in specialized segments;

Keep continues database update on Efficency Energy market information, their potential, their investments, earnings, etc .;

Seek to establish partnerships with projects related to the environment as LEED certification and others certifications.

3- Administrative aspects of ABESCO

Improve financial processes, facilitating the “continuous auditing”;

Discuss and comply with the implemented audit report’s recommendations ;

Develop research with associates in order to identify the needs,
recommendations and suggestions;

Keep all financial information consolidated and accessible on the website for

4- Training ESCOs

Continue the development of ESCOs qualifying project and label
quality; expanding with the development of ABESCO prize, in addition to
publicize the program. This point seems essential to foster real insertion of the smaller ESCOs in the market, preventing the entry of venturers from other specialties;

Support the training and development of associated ESCOs abilities, customization of courses, workshops and events according to their needs, including distance learning;

Development of other partnerships – SEBRAE, IDB, GIZ, GEF and International Development Agencies;

Enlarge the internal market and open up the foreign market. Contacts with similar associations from other countries to exchange knowledge;

Support conferences with exchange release of ABESCO’s logo.

5 – Development several financing project lines initiatives, targeting all kinds of ESCOs and customers.

Strengthening of Proesco – Efficiency Energy Program, through a continuous exchange of cooperation with the BNDES;

Private banks, private equity funds, among others;

Support the development of mechanisms to guarantee financing contracts;

Coordination with international financial players interested in fostering
Energy Efficiency market in Brazil.


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