What is Energy Efficiency? (EE)

Do more with less energy.
This is the goal, the conceptual basis of our work.

Energy efficiency is an activity that seeks to improve the use of energy sources.

The rational use of energy also simply called energy efficiency, is to use energy efficiently to obtain a certain result. By definition, energy efficiency is the relationship between the amount of energy used in an activity and the one provided for its realization.



A 7W LED lamp has the same level of light as an incandescent lamp of 60W,so we have the economy of 53 Watts per hour or almost 90% savings.

Furthermore, the LED life cycle is 50 times higher and the heat transferred to the ambient lower, so air-conditioned spaces will spend less energy to be chilled.


On average, a high efficiency motor saves 20 to 30% energy compared to a traditional engine.

In addition, much of the installed engines have power greater than necessary, thus adapting the engine power, there will be more saving electricity.

Boiler – Steam production

Many industries, hospitals and hotels use gas or electric boilers to produce steam. Cogeneration, reuse of exhaust gases, use of solar panels are some of the options that an ESCO (Energy Service Company) can offer in order to reduce energy consumption.

Air conditioning

Every time, new solutions and systems are presented to the HVAC market.

A retrofit (replacement of an old system with a new one) of a system with 15 to 20 years of operation will bring the end customer savings of 30 to 50% in the cost of electricity (depending on the system and how maintenance was given at this time), besides the reduction in maintenance costs.


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